The-Dream: Love King by jackiecous
February 19, 2010, 12:13 am
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YES. Seriously, y’all don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for something to leak off this Dream album (that was supposed to be out late last year).

Every couple weeks I’d check the likely blogs, then google “the-dream” and “love king” and come up with the same old results. But today, right when I least expected it… You might think, on first listen, that this just a more subdued ‘Rockin’ That Shit” (which was basically a more energetic “Shorty is The Shit”), but upon repeat listenings you will hear some layers of melodic nuance and lyrical play that show The-Dream is continuing to build upon his already golden formula.

Found it on The Fader first, but the link was taken down, so hear it at On Smash while you still can.

-Jackie Cous

Vampire Weekend: Horchata by jackiecous
October 12, 2009, 11:31 pm
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Picture 1

Vampire Weekend are back, this time with a beautiful gem about my favorite beverage on earth – horchata. Enjoy!

Download here.

-Jackie Cous

First Impressions: West Coast by jackiecous


It’s Tuesday (on the east coast), so I’m going to go ahead and post the latest FREE, original release from KillerPOP Records. Those of you who’ve been following KillerPOP know I’ve been working under the name First Impressions for a while now, creating DJ mixes and doing a little bit of live stuff (like my DJ set at Tatame in Orlando a while back). I’m taking the project in a new direction these days, writing some original electro/synthpop tunes and preparing to drop my first EP next week. Here’s a little taste off of the First Impressions EP called “West Coast.” I included an instrumental track and a vocal track, so feel free to remix it any way you see fit. Just be nice and link us to any remixes (we’ll re-post anything we like).

Stay tuned for the full EP, which contains two new tracks that I personally think are superior to this one. They embody the new sound I’ve been working on, which I’m calling “slo-rave geek ‘n’ b.” In the meantime…

Download First Impressions: West Coast from

-Jackie Cous