The-Dream: Love King by jackiecous
February 19, 2010, 12:13 am
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YES. Seriously, y’all don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for something to leak off this Dream album (that was supposed to be out late last year).

Every couple weeks I’d check the likely blogs, then google “the-dream” and “love king” and come up with the same old results. But today, right when I least expected it… You might think, on first listen, that this just a more subdued ‘Rockin’ That Shit” (which was basically a more energetic “Shorty is The Shit”), but upon repeat listenings you will hear some layers of melodic nuance and lyrical play that show The-Dream is continuing to build upon his already golden formula.

Found it on The Fader first, but the link was taken down, so hear it at On Smash while you still can.

-Jackie Cous

Charles Hamilton: Barbara Walters by jackiecous


Hey OnSmash: STOP POSTING COOL NEW MUSIC! I’m serious – every time I go back to your site today to double-check a link I see something brand new that I have to hear and share. Here’s a new one from Charles Hamilton (aka Sonic The Hedgehog). Not bad, but not as instantly addicting as “Brooklyn Girls.”

I think the real question at hand is where the hell does Charles get all these Sonic t-shirts, anyway? Are they made custom just for him?

Download Charles Hamilton: Barbara Walters via OnSmash

-Jackie Cous

ORLY, NAS? by killerpop
July 8, 2008, 2:28 am
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So NAS thinks he can just put some spaced out plinky synthesizer notes over an eerie mid-tempo beat a-la “If I Ruled The World” and we’re just gonna roll over and love it? Actually, that’s not such a bad idea. Click below to check the new NAS jawn, “Hero,” featuring Timbaland’s little buddy, Keri Hilson, who promises she’s seriously this close to totally blowing up. Hey NAS, if you want to be a hero, you do a pretty good Inframan impression.

NAS ft. Keri Hilson – Hero (via On Smash)

-Jackie Cous