Eleven &the Falcons: THE DEATH VINE by Christian BC

We have a brand new release today! The debut full-length album from KillerPOP Records artist Eleven &the Falcons, The Death Vine, was released digitally today. You can find it on our music page, RIGHT HERE! For now, it’s FREE! But soon we will change it to name-your-own-price which means technically it’s still FREE! But if ya wanna throw some money at us and the band, you can. All 14 masterful songs were written, performed, recorded, and mixed by the band. The album art was hand-made by Christian BC and the liner notes (included in the download) were crafted by the band and made all sexy by Ali and her sister Amber. So go stream it, download it, and share it. And we’d love love love to hear your thoughts on it, good or bad.

– Christian BC


The-Dream: Love King by jackiecous
February 19, 2010, 12:13 am
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YES. Seriously, y’all don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for something to leak off this Dream album (that was supposed to be out late last year).

Every couple weeks I’d check the likely blogs, then google “the-dream” and “love king” and come up with the same old results. But today, right when I least expected it… You might think, on first listen, that this just a more subdued ‘Rockin’ That Shit” (which was basically a more energetic “Shorty is The Shit”), but upon repeat listenings you will hear some layers of melodic nuance and lyrical play that show The-Dream is continuing to build upon his already golden formula.

Found it on The Fader first, but the link was taken down, so hear it at On Smash while you still can.

-Jackie Cous

Massive Attack: New Album and Video by Christian BC

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Here’s the first video from Massive Attack’s highly anticipated, long awaited fifth studio album, Heligoland. The song is “Splitting The Atom” and the video is all-out polygonal war. You can stream the album here (deluxe version here).

– Christian BC

Kid Cudi: Highs N Lows by jackiecous
February 3, 2010, 8:46 pm
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Wheeeee! More Cudi! Apparently this is from last year, but it’s good stuff.

Run over to Ye’s place to hear it!

-Jackie Cous

Electrik Red: I’m That Chick by jackiecous
February 3, 2010, 8:39 pm
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Maybe you remember me raving about these girls during the lead up to the release of their debut, How to Be a Lady: Volume 1. Then again, maybe you don’t, because apparently no one bought the album (I got it for $5 the day it came out). This kind of blew my mind, as it was an excellent pop record (written by The-Dream) and really deserved to be huge. Songs like “Freaky Freaky,” “Friend Lover,” “Drink In My Cup” and “W.F.U” would have been major hits with the right promotion behind them (every song on the thing was a potential single).

Well, it looks like my fears of the girls being shelved forever (or worse: dropped) by the label were unfounded, as they’re currently readying How to Be a Lady: Volume 2, featuring this track. Maybe this time around the label can actually promote the thing, if that’s not too much to ask.

-Jackie Cous

Lo-Fi-Fnk: Marching In by jackiecous
February 3, 2010, 8:30 pm
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Lo-Fi-Fnk are back at last, with their new song/video “Marching In.” Their last album, Boylife, was gorgeous (one of my favorite electronic albums of the ’00s), and it looks like the new one will not disappoint.

-Jackie Cous

T-Pain ft. Jeezy: Reverse Cowgirl by jackiecous
February 2, 2010, 9:09 pm
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T-Pain gets a lot crap – particularly as he’s seen as the face of the whole autotune movement – but say what you will about him, Thr33 Ringz was a fantastic pop/r&b album, and I’m totally psyched for whatever’s next. If “Reverse Cowgirl” is any indication, should be good stuff.

Check it out at TheFader

-Jackie Cous