Eleven &the Falcons: THE DEATH VINE by Christian BC

We have a brand new release today! The debut full-length album from KillerPOP Records artist Eleven &the Falcons, The Death Vine, was released digitally today. You can find it on our music page, RIGHT HERE! For now, it’s FREE! But soon we will change it to name-your-own-price which means technically it’s still FREE! But if ya wanna throw some money at us and the band, you can. All 14 masterful songs were written, performed, recorded, and mixed by the band. The album art was hand-made by Christian BC and the liner notes (included in the download) were crafted by the band and made all sexy by Ali and her sister Amber. So go stream it, download it, and share it. And we’d love love love to hear your thoughts on it, good or bad.

– Christian BC


Zola Jesus: Night by jackiecous
February 26, 2010, 1:50 am
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Another lovely, moody epic along the lines of Zambri’s “W/ Somebody.” It’s from Zola Jesus’ forthcoming Stridulum EP, and if the rest of the EP is on par with this gem I can’t wait to hear it.

Read more about it or download at

Major Lazer: Keep It Going Louder (Eric Wareheim Version) by jackiecous

This is my favorite song off of Major Lazer’s LP, and although the original video is very cool, I think we were all secretly hoping for another Wareheim video. Well, here it is after all!

-Jackie Cous

Eleven and the Falcons: All The Clocks Around The Town Had Died by Christian BC

We know. It’s been awhile since KillerPOP Records has released any new jams, but would you rather we pump something out every week, or meditate on it a bit so we can put out something substantial every once and awhile? Hopefully, you picked the latter, cus that’s just what we did. Eleven and the Falcons have just dropped their sophomore release on KPR titled All The Clocks Around The Town Had Died. It’s a four-song EP of all cover songs and they run the gamut from smoky and somber to epic a capellas. That’s the album art up top and you can click right here to download the damn thang absolutely FREE! Track list and original versions after the jump.
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Vampire Weekend: Cousins by jackiecous
November 19, 2009, 2:47 am
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Your best friends are back with a new music video.

-Jackie Cous

Housse de Racquet: Synthétiseur by jackiecous
October 23, 2009, 12:27 am
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Sounds like Phoenix’s early stuff. Thanks for the heads-up, Kanye’s Blog.

-Jackie Cous

Vampire Weekend: Horchata by jackiecous
October 12, 2009, 11:31 pm
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Picture 1

Vampire Weekend are back, this time with a beautiful gem about my favorite beverage on earth – horchata. Enjoy!

Download here.

-Jackie Cous