Eleven &the Falcons: THE DEATH VINE by Christian BC

We have a brand new release today! The debut full-length album from KillerPOP Records artist Eleven &the Falcons, The Death Vine, was released digitally today. You can find it on our music page, RIGHT HERE! For now, it’s FREE! But soon we will change it to name-your-own-price which means technically it’s still FREE! But if ya wanna throw some money at us and the band, you can. All 14 masterful songs were written, performed, recorded, and mixed by the band. The album art was hand-made by Christian BC and the liner notes (included in the download) were crafted by the band and made all sexy by Ali and her sister Amber. So go stream it, download it, and share it. And we’d love love love to hear your thoughts on it, good or bad.

– Christian BC


Newer Weirder Christmas by Christian BC

Stereogum has the right idea. They’ve posted a bunch of indie Christmas songs; some original, some traditional. Click here to stream and download these soon-to-be holiday favorites from the likes of Can, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Julian Casablancas, and Magnetic Fields.

Christian BC

New Weird Christmas by Christian BC
December 21, 2009, 1:14 pm
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Hey! Love weird Christmas song covers? Banjo or Freakout have released a free Christmas covers album packed with 9 Xmas faves that sound nothing like the originals but do sound amazing. DOWNLOAD IT HERE! And if you can find the torrent (it’s not hard) and like downloading music for free that’s not supposed to be free, get The Raveonettes’s Wishing You A Rave Christmas. It’s older, but it’s just as sparkly and strange.

– Christian BC

RAD RAZ: The End is Near by jackiecous
October 14, 2009, 10:06 pm
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Episode 2 of KillerPOP Cartoons’ original series, RAD RAZ. Enjoy!

-Jackie Cous

Vampire Weekend: Horchata by jackiecous
October 12, 2009, 11:31 pm
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Picture 1

Vampire Weekend are back, this time with a beautiful gem about my favorite beverage on earth – horchata. Enjoy!

Download here.

-Jackie Cous

Don’t Show The Pope The New YACHT Video by jackiecous
August 5, 2009, 8:53 pm
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Hey guys, make sure not to let The Pope see the new music video by YACHT. Seeing Jona Bechtolt chowing down on communion wafers and chugging communion wine might not really be up his alley. Jona plays a priest type figure, playing around with traditional imagery and ceremonies of the Catholic faith, whilst band-mate Claire L. Evans playing a more pagan character. The video eventually devolves into a crazy showdown betwixt the twain, and then – well, I won’t spoil the ending, it’s the best part. Keep it on the DL, tho. The Pope don’t need to know.

-Jackie Cous

Alligator Indian: 9241 Solid St. by jackiecous


It’s Tuesday, and yes, we have yet another brand-new KillerPOP original music download for you. This is from Alligator Indian, the electro side project of half of Eleven and the Falcons. It’s a lovely danceable jam with a hint of a sinister edge to it. All the cool kids are listening to it, so you probably ought to. Did I mention it’s free?

Download Alligator Indian: 9241 Solid St. from KillerPOP for FREE!

-Jackie Cous