Wavves- King of the Beach by AT Voice Studio

UHH… SCUUZ ME?? Think I’m in love with Nathan Williams. If you haven’t heard “Cool Jumper” or “Mickey Mouse” yet, get on it! Mark your iCal for 8/3/10.

– Ali Maladi


Eleven and the Falcons: All The Clocks Around The Town Had Died by Christian BC

We know. It’s been awhile since KillerPOP Records has released any new jams, but would you rather we pump something out every week, or meditate on it a bit so we can put out something substantial every once and awhile? Hopefully, you picked the latter, cus that’s just what we did. Eleven and the Falcons have just dropped their sophomore release on KPR titled All The Clocks Around The Town Had Died. It’s a four-song EP of all cover songs and they run the gamut from smoky and somber to epic a capellas. That’s the album art up top and you can click right here to download the damn thang absolutely FREE! Track list and original versions after the jump.
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Vivian Girls: When I’m Gone by Christian BC
September 22, 2009, 2:17 pm
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These gals are great. Ali and I saw them a few months back at the Guggenheim. This is a rad video that matches their lofi, garagey, 90s, tough-pop girl-tude sound. Dig it.

– Christian BC

Wavves: Hula Hoop (Live) by Christian BC

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This is a live demo of a newish Wavves song. It sounds closer to his last two albums then his other new leaked demos have, but he did channel his inner One-ders and record it in a church, so that makes it worth a listen if nothing else. Plus, it’s Wavves, so it’s always worth a listen.

– Christian BC

Punk Saturdays: Monday: Punk Primer Mix by Christian BC

To coincide with jackie cous defecting to PDD, I’ve decided to revolt against the man (and jc is The Man) and post my own mix/first mix.

I sifted through my plethora of punk to find 10 of the tastiest jamz that you need to hear, re-hear, or un-hear then hear. Now, some of you nitpickers might say: “But Christian, you forgot my favorite punk band, The New Radicals!” But I couldn’t put everything on here, I settled for 10 of my fav tracks by my fav bands. we’ve got tunez from both sides of the pond and both waves of said pond. So eat ’em up motherfuckers.

I can’t figure out how to embed the player properly, so for now just visit it here.

Swell Maps – Read About Seymour : This is one of the seminal punk classics, cut by the 6 members as their debut single, “Read About Seymour” shows the Maps penchant for balancing punk, pop, and noise. You’ll never listen to blur the same way after this.

Television Personalities – Part Time Punks : A ditty on the poseurs of the day, these ultra-lofi Brits even give the first song on this mix a shout out.

Richard Hell & The Voidoids – I’m Your Man : This comes from the bonus tracks added to the Blank Generation CD re-release though it seamlessly fits with the rest of the album. One of the great overlooked love songs of our time.

Suicide – Johnny : Suicide were one of those first wavers who not only straddled the punk/post-punk line, but even the proto-punk/punk line. Ahead of their time and peers by blood-curdling, synthesized leaps and bounds, “Johnny” takes 50s greasers’ B-movie and horror fetish and makes it real.

Ramones – Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World : One of the greatest songs ever by one of the greatest bands ever. I’m a Nazi baby, I’m a Nazi, yes I am.

Throbbing Gristle – United : I wanted to put this in my TG post a few weeks ago, but didn’t know how to post the track, so here it is now. I can’t help but feel that their version of unity would involve some form of symbiotes from another world and robotic mass consciousness.

Wire – Outdoor Miner (Single Version) : Shorter than the cut on Chairs Missing, this single version offers some added harmonies and a nice succinctness. If you don’t have every album by Wire, go get them.

The Dead Boys – Down In Flames : Top 5 greatest bands names of all time (post pending). This jam, from the days of Rocket From The Tombs, gave the band their name. Highlight: Stiv Bators’ mid-song chant from space hell.

Pere Ubu – Ubu Dance Party : Sometimes I have wet dreams about traveling back in time and going to one of the king’s eponymous boogey bashes. This is another song that makes you question whether some of the first wave punks were really first wave post-punks. But who cares, just get down.

Iggy & The Stooges – Death Trip : The last track on the era destroying Raw Power, “Death Trip” lives up to it’s name. Just when you think it’s over, it comes back for more.

Punk Sundays: Punk Saturdays: knUpdates by Christian BC

So, for the next few weeks, I’m working on Saturday instead of Sunday. Since being bored on Sunday at work inspired me to start my weekly punk post then, my working Saturday instead has prompted me to switch it for the time being. Here are the knUpdates (clever, huh?) in the world of all things punk, whether you like them or not [rebellious].

First up, Rotten Butter:

At some other time in history, this might upset (sorry, knUpset) people, and hell, even in 2008 when the Sex Pistols are nothing but a graphic for tshirts at Wal-Mart, it might still upset people. But John[ny] “rotten” Lydon sold out years ago and frankly making a butter commercial is the best thing he’s done since PiL.

Next, Jesus returns.

This week marks the release of The Power Of Negative Thinking, a hefty collection of B-sides and rarities from the jangly, alt-punk Scots. While I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone unacquainted with the best thing exported from Scotland since Orange Juice, it’s a must have for anyone ever titillated by the lowfi hum of these Tim Burton hairdressers. Download it today for free on your favorite torrent site.

Vintage Vid:


And finally, UB40 releases Greatest Hits.


See ya Saturday.

Punk Sundays: Throwback: Throbbing Gristle by Christian BC

killerPOP has always been about indie, hip hop, pop, and dance. It’s our bread and butter. But I try and make it my job for our readers to to keep in their hearts the greatest genre of all: punk. If you’re looking for snippets about Plain White T’s and Arctic Monkeys, tab back to MySpace now. And if you’re looking to hear rants about how punk is dead or what real punk is or how much The Exploited rule, you’re out of look too. All I’m gonna do is keep ya’ll up on the hottest shit in the punk world and occasionally bring your attention to those who made it all (including at least 1/4 of what we talk about on kP) possible. Now that the boring stuff is over: THROBBING GRISTLE!

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