Wavves- King of the Beach by AT Voice Studio

UHH… SCUUZ ME?? Think I’m in love with Nathan Williams. If you haven’t heard “Cool Jumper” or “Mickey Mouse” yet, get on it! Mark your iCal for 8/3/10.

– Ali Maladi


Kid Cudi: Man On The Moom Cover Art by jackiecous
August 17, 2009, 3:00 am
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Have you seen this? Seriously, this is gorgeous. I would hang this on my wall.

It’s the cover of Cudi’s debut album, Man On The Moon, by the way. Check out bigger pics at Kanye’s Blog.

-Jackie Cous


Spooked ya!

UPDATE: Every week, this post tops our list of most read articles, meaning tons of people are getting super excited that we have AC movie info and then let down when it turns out it’s an old April Fool’s joke. Well, how about an olive branch. Last month, Pitchfork interviewed Avey Tare about AC’s upcoming EP and if you scroll to the middle or so of the interview, there’s a big ass chunk of info of the almost-completely-finished Animal Collective movie due out next year! Click here (I promise it’s not fake).

Original April Fool’s Joke Post:

A few weeks ago, my friend sent me a link to an interview Pitchfork had done with Animal Collective. Somewhere in the middle, Avey Tare dropped this interesting tidbit:

“But we are also working on that movie that we talked about the last time we talked. And we’ve been working on the music for that, mostly, and none of that is going to be played live.”

WTFuck?! So I naturally Googled “animal collective movie” and came across this article which mentions a little more about the project, saying the band has been “working on a film or visual album, and have been toiling away on it for about two years.”

Well that certainly whet my loins. Animal Collective are my favorite modern band and have done some amazing things with music. I could only imagine what would happen if they made a movie. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the AC movie went head to head in theaters with the long-rumored Gorillaz movie?!
Suffice it to say, I was ecstatic early this morning when I stumbled upon an interview on SonicPoison‘s website where Geologist announced that filming was complete on the project!!!! Take a bite out of this:

“…and we pleased to say that we’ve finished shooting all the scenes and are currently mixing the soundtrack while the footage goes into post-production. We’re hoping to release it this Fall. As for the title, it’s still up in the air a bit, but we’re leaning towards ‘The Forgotten Zoo’ [laughs]. It’ll make a lot more sense in the context of the film. You should be seeing a trailer on our Collected Animals messageboard within the next month.”

WTFuck?!x2! You can read the full interview here which has (hard to believe) more exciting tidbits than that. Stay tuned for more details on the fuckin’ film of the century!

– Christian BC

Gimmie Gorillaz! by AT Voice Studio
January 15, 2009, 11:08 pm
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It’s about time. Damon Albarn gave us a sweet taste of new Gorillaz material for the upcoming album set to be released late this year. (So much for never going back to this project, sir.) Albarn made a guest DJ appearance on BBC Radio with not one, but THREE Gorillaz demos. (Murdoc also showed up to discuss Julie Andrews) Now I know these will probably sound much different in the end, but I’m already feelin’ dancey. “Stylo/Binge” is a fun little diddy. My ears can certainly comprehend themselves being seduced when this is expanded. Is that fairy dust I hear?? Oh, and you know that intro whistle in old Western films? Yeah, that one. Just rearrange it a bit, toss in some organ chords and you get “Broken”. So far it’s the only demo with a constructed vocal melody. Albarn’s claimed fascination with Arabic orchestral music is especially hinted at in “Electric Shock”. I have to say, this might be my favorite. It’s all about imagining the possibilities at this point, and this song suggests wacky potential.

The characters are said to undergo some alterations, possibly by making them look a little older (Bearded Noodle?). Even more exciting will be seeing who else ends up on the album. Albarn has noted the project to be centered upon collaboration, so the more the merrier!

All in due time. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for some new Blur material. Keep supplying, I will keep demanding.

Why Kanye West is Your Favorite Celebrity by jackiecous
November 23, 2008, 1:47 pm
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On the eve of the release of Kanye West’s first album on which his vocals are exclusively sung (the only rapping is done by guest rappers), I thought I’d do something other than a typical album review.  The album’s great, but you guys can figure that out yourselves.  What I decided to do instead is post a list of the reasons that Kanye West is your favorite celebrity.

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The Moon Is In The House Of Mouse by Christian BC
November 19, 2008, 12:35 pm
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That’s right, today marks the 80th birthday of the original spokesman (spokesmouse?) for alternative fuels. This may seem at odds with what we tend to write about, but what’s more pop culture than Mickey Mouse? Well, that and the Jo[nas] Bro[ther]s, but they have enough stories about them. On top of that, this is also a sounding board for whatever we think is cool, and I am obsessed with two things: American Flags and Mickey Mouse. I can’t explain either one of them other than because they are the absolute core of Americana. They kick the shit out of boring-ass baseball and nasty-ass apple pie. Fuck that shit. It’s not so much the character (though I do love the early character, the modern Mickey is annoying, not funny, and boring) but the icon. And when you boil it down, isn’t that all America really is?

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Gallery Opening: BOLD HYPE by jackiecous
October 1, 2008, 12:21 am
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NOTE: This post was written Saturday, 09/27/08

So I’ve been working a lot of long nights and weekends at my jobby (I am a very busy graphic/motion graphics designer, I’ll have you know), so when I got home tonight I decided that, since it’s Saturday, I would put entertainment before eating in the name of the weekend.  But after watching and LOLing at Baby Mama, it was time to get some food.  I decided to rush over to Stardust before the kitchen closed, and as luck would have it I accidentally made it to the opening of the new art gallery, Bold Hype, that I had meant to attend intentionally. Continue reading