The KillerPOP is a pop culture blog.  The same can be said of blogs that post photos of celebrities and talk about what happened on the Hills last night, but we use that label a little bit differently.  We post about elements of pop culture such as music, art, comics, and design.  We talk about the current state of these things, we talk about where these things have been and where they’re headed.

The larger entity of KillerPOP is what we like to call a “pop culture collective.”  It currently features the original webcomics RAD RAZ and Momo & Friends, a skateboard design shop, and kPtv (a YouTube channel), along with this blog.  Our past projects have included a team of DJs (the KillerPOP Chop Shop), live parties (featuring such special guests as Yo Majesty), indie music acts like Johnnie Angel + Saturday Saints and Sir DX-Cops-A-Lot.  KillerPOP exists to support, encourage and distribute independent creative output by any means.


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crystal castles or lies records (the label that released the album) has nothing to do with your video being pulled. we would never do that. let me know what company claimed to have the copyright on that track, thank you
andy =

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