Theophilus London: Enjoy the Sun by jackiecous

I was a bit disappointed in Theo’s debut LP, This Charming Man. That’s a little baffling though, because had it come out at any other time, it probably would have completely blown my mind. It’s a great, forward thinking, trippy experiment in hip-hop, with this being one of the standout tracks. However, it came out at a time when we were being constantly bombarded with phenomenal mixtapes from hungry upstarts like wale, kid cudi, drake, etc., not to mention Theophilus’ own This Charming Mixtape.

For whatever reason, I feel like the LP, as good as it is, didn’t surpass the quality of the mixtape – a major challenge for this new breed of blog-bred rapper. But you know what? Maybe I’m being too hard on the guy. In the meantime, just “sit there and enjoy the sun.”

Thanks to TheFader for the heads up.

-Jackie Cous

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it’s also produced by Machine Drum, who is formerly of Orlando, now of New York.

Comment by Christian BC

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