Julian Casablancas: 11th Dimension by jackiecous


Remember that 4th Strokes album that’s supposed to come out one day? The one that Pharrell even voiced interest in producing? Well keep waiting – Julian is taking some time off to make a solo album. And by “make a solo album” I mean “write Strokes songs but record and release them on his own so he can have all the money.” I kid, of course, but I am having a little trouble figuring out why this song needed to be released solo – could’ve just thrown it onto the tracklist of the next Strokes album.

On the other hand, solo albums from Julian and Albert Hammond Jr. mean we potentially get 3 times as many Strokes songs out of any given album cycle. The other good news is that this song sounds way better than most of the songs on First Impressions of Earth.

Speaking of the First Impressions of Earth, did you know I named my DJ/electronic solo project First Impressions as a meta reference to the fact that A: Squeeze jokingly named themselves after The Velvet Underground’s “worst” album, and B: The Strokes used to get a lot of Velvet Underground comparisons and C: Their “worst” album is First Impressions of Earth. Bonus points if you somehow figured that out on your own.

Keep up the good work, Julian, you’ve still got it.

-Jackie Cous

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This pretty awesome. It sounds very different than the Strokes but familiar enough that they could have made it. Oh well. Those snobby artists.
I’m not sure how I feel about the whole future-rap meets Journey/Boston visual aesthetic though.
And thanks for the FI fun-fact. I had no idea.

Comment by Christian BC

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