Yuksek: Extraball (feat. Amanda Blank) by Christian BC

Damn. This video/jam is hott. Though Amanda Blank has pulled a bit of an Uffie by removing her filthy, filthy, sexy wordplay, she still rhymes tight, unlike neutered-Uffie, and she SINGS! Plus, she’s lookin’ mucho more fine with this new look. Washed some of that faux trash out. And I’m a sucker for black and white videos with splashes of color. Add on a good beat and some dude I’ve never heard of but now think is awesome (I think his name means “hi-fi” in Turkish), and this is a pretty tasty treat. The cherry on top: the song’s called Extraball!! Come on.

– Christian BC


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Bummer, they disabled embedding. Cool vid, tho

Comment by jackiecous

Oh, and the reason Amanda still sounds good even when not being dirty is cos she can actually rap. Uffie cannot rap for shit, but she sounds good on the right track.

Comment by jackiecous

Yeah. That’s tru. And also, it sucks about the embedding. Your two videos above mine are to different things than you wanted them to be, by the way.

Comment by christianbeforechruch

Fixed dat shit.

Comment by christianbeforechruch

weird. thanks for the fix!

Comment by jackiecous

Sweet track, saw her last night, but I’ve never seen the video. Hopefully she doesn’t cut the language out of her new record. uffie, haha.

Comment by geoff

Nah, the one track I’ve heard off her new record was dirty and fun, as usual. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Comment by jackiecous

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