Johnnie Angel: Gypsy Shit Volume 1 by jackiecous
May 5, 2009, 1:38 am
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Another Tuesday, another free KillerPOP Records digital release. This one’s a doozy. It’s a 12 song rarities collection of Johnnie Angel demos and home recordings from 2003-2006. Inspired by Rivers Cuomo’s Alone series, this release comes with a PDF booklet containing notes on each of the songs included in the compilation. Songs range from fan favorites to rare gems that were written, recorded and completely forgotten. Happy Tuesday, and enjoy Gypsy Shit Volume 1.

Download Johnnie Angel: Gypsy Shit Volume 1 from KillerPOP Records

View the tracklist:

1. Sour Apples (feat. St. Victor + St. Thomas)
2. More Than You Can Chew
3. Gypsy Shuffle (feat. St. Victor + St. Thomas)
4. The Kids Are Never Wrong
5. Fair Warning
6. Crazy
7. Wet Cement
8. Canned Astronauts Day
9. Slipping
10. Such A Drag
11. See You In A Century
12. Doesn’t Matter

-Jackie Cous

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Love it. I thought I had every JA song and version, but I was wrong.

Also, there’s no PDF!!!

Comment by christianbeforechruch

Added the PDF, you’re right, it wasn’t in the zip. Try again!

Comment by jackiecous

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