The Rentals: Songs About Time by jackiecous


There are Weezer fans out there who will debate who was the true genius behind their first two albums: Rivers Cuomo or Matt Sharp? Those who argue for Matt Sharp will point to the sharp change in quality of Weezer’s output after Sharp’s departure (read: after Pinkerton), and will point to Sharp’s continued quality work both with side-band The Rentals and as a solo artist. Those who argue for Rivers, on the other hand, are quick to point to the fact that “OMG ITZ TEH RIVARZZZ!!!11!” (sorry, Weezer joke). To me, it’s a bit like picking which parent you want to live with after a divorce when you like a little bit about each of them, and you ultimately prefer them together.

Anywho, if you’re a member of Team Sharp (or you’re just a fan of the extended Weezerverse), you’ll be happy to know that The Rentals have some brand new music. They’re embracing an experimental, independent, online distribution system (tiered purchase options, direct purchase from the band’s website) for their new album, entitled Songs About TIme. The album itself is split into 3 parts, which will be released one at a time throughout 2009. The first Part, The Story of A Thousand Seasons Past, is available now, so head on over to if you’re interested. Comparing this to their recent release, Last Little Life, this one kind of splits the difference between that folkier sound and the classic Rentals sound from Return of the Rentals. The band has grown up, so these songs are naturally a bit more subdued than, say, “Friends of P,” but if you were upset by the stripped down, jangly sound on Last Little Life, you should be happier with the sound here.

So: Rivers or Matt? Actually, I wish I could hear these new Rentals songs with Rivers singing vocals.



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