Introducing: Pegase by jackiecous


Since the turn of the ’00s, electronic dance music has been “en-vogue.” However, it’s gone through a great deal of re-inventions even in that short while. Recently it went through a period in which it was deconstructed to its most primal, brutish essence with the likes of Justice, totally detached from sentiment and fully entrenched in apocalyptic, hedonistic nihilism. That was fantastic, but I have a feeling the pendulum is already swinging the other way. What’s the next direction, you ask? Well, if I were to put money on it, I would say to look no further for a model than French electro artist Pegase. Part of the Valerie collective (which includes KillerPOP favorites Tesla Boy), this mysterious artist hasn’t even released a proper EP or LP as far as I can tell, just a handful of demos that have been travelling around the globe to Valerie followers and electronica enthusiasts. His music is essentially the antithesis of the Justice scene: lush, melodic, pretty, and, oh yeah – sentimental. Emotive. In short, I feel like emotion and prettiness are due to make a resurgence in electronic music, and artists like Pegase and (another KillerPOP fav) Discovery are perhaps unknowingly laying out a template for the scene to follow. What say you?

Download 2 Pegase Demos via AsianManDan
Pegase Myspace
Valerie Group Myspace

-Jackie Cous

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