Rivers Cuomo + Fans: Not Alone by jackiecous
May 2, 2009, 4:28 pm
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Rivers may write some real head-scratchingly weird (read: “bad”) tunes in his post-Pinkerton days (actually, I really liked the Green Album), but I still think he has his flights of genius: The aggressively open recording sessions of Maladroit, where every demo was painstakenly posted for fan feedback as soon as it was recorded, Rivers’ YouTube-powered collaborative songwriting experiment, the Alone series of rarities and home recordings, and now this…

Not Alone is a CD/DVD combination documenting a live, collaborative performance of Weezer songs in a format that Rivers has dubbed a “hootenanny.” Basically Rivers is playing these songs on an acoustic guitar surrounded by scores of fans singing and playing their own instruments (form guitars to train whistles). The end product is a glorious feast of unified enthusiasm, and like many of Rivers’ out-there musical ideas, wholly one-of-a-kind. Problem is, it’s only distributed to certain indie stores at the moment, so I’m still trying to track down a copy for myself.

-Jackie Cous

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