Ciara feat. Chris Brown: Turntables by jackiecous
April 24, 2009, 5:15 am
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On Smash just posted a new Ciara song called “Turntables” which features Chris Brown (awkward) and is produced by Danjahandz. What’s really crazy, though, is the sample Danjahandz chose for the beat: a Bollywood song called “Kehna Hi Kya” by Chitra. That’s right, I actually identified this all by myself! But I had an unfair advantage because my friend Caitlin gave me a “Best of Bollywood” collection as a gift a couple years back, and I actually listen to it. I guess Slumdog Millionaire must have put India on everyone’s brain.

Oh, and in an effort to be green we are re-using the image we used for Ciara & The-Dream’s new song, I just taped Chris Brown’s head over Dream’s. Clever, huh?

Download Ciara feat. Chris Brown: Turntables via On Smash

-Jackie Cous

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