Tesla Boy – Russian New Wave Revival? by jackiecous


I couldn’t count on my fingers how many times ’80s aesthetics have been appropriated by them “hipsters” in the past decade, because I clearly only have 10 fingers and the number would surpass that. However, when it’s done right, it’s still not stale (even after nearly 30 years). Hailing from Russia, Tesla Boy manage to make ’80s revivalism feel fresh with their sheer accuracy and commitment to the role. There’s no knowing, ironic wink here, these guys are, from what I can tell, utterly sincere, and sincerely enjoyable. You can stream their entire debut EP from their profile, and from their myspace. Oh, but don’t bother searching out their Wikipedia page. It doesn’t even exist yet!

-Jackie Cous


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good stuff jcous !! i want electric lady remix in very little time !!

Comment by dogpark

yeah, electric lady is great, i’d love to hear a remix

Comment by jackiecous

[…] French electro artist Pegase. Part of the Valerie collective (which includes KillerPOP favorites Tesla Boy), this mysterious artist hasn’t even released a proper EP or LP as far as I can tell, just a […]

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