Lil Wayne feat. Kevin Rudolph: Spit by jackiecous
April 21, 2009, 7:13 pm
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Well, he’s still going through with this Rebirth album, apparently. It might just be because “Prom Queen” set the bar so incredibly low, but this new song is actually almost listenable. Reminds me of “Best Rapper Alive,” although nowhere near as good, but at least it doesn’t sound like a POD cover. Oh, and I think Wayne is actually playing guitar on this one. There’s a (terrible) guitar solo towards the end that sound like a high school kid at his very first lesson. All in all, this whole ordeal just goes to perpetuate the stereotype that rappers just don’t understand what makes good rock and roll music.

Download Lil Wayne feat. Kevin Rudolph: Spit via OnSmash

-Jackie Cous


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gotdamn shut your hating ass up you faggot. “almost listenable” get the fuck outta here with that

Go brush your talking shit

Comment by ss

hey, i like lil wayne, but if i don’t like a song i’ll say it. to be fair i’m sharing the song so everyone can decide for themselves.

Comment by jackiecous

Who the fuck is this Nazi faggot?!

Comment by christianbeforechruch

ha, i think everyone in this post needs to cool out

Comment by jackiecous

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