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January 15, 2009, 11:08 pm
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It’s about time. Damon Albarn gave us a sweet taste of new Gorillaz material for the upcoming album set to be released late this year. (So much for never going back to this project, sir.) Albarn made a guest DJ appearance on BBC Radio with not one, but THREE Gorillaz demos. (Murdoc also showed up to discuss Julie Andrews) Now I know these will probably sound much different in the end, but I’m already feelin’ dancey. “Stylo/Binge” is a fun little diddy. My ears can certainly comprehend themselves being seduced when this is expanded. Is that fairy dust I hear?? Oh, and you know that intro whistle in old Western films? Yeah, that one. Just rearrange it a bit, toss in some organ chords and you get “Broken”. So far it’s the only demo with a constructed vocal melody. Albarn’s claimed fascination with Arabic orchestral music is especially hinted at in “Electric Shock”. I have to say, this might be my favorite. It’s all about imagining the possibilities at this point, and this song suggests wacky potential.

The characters are said to undergo some alterations, possibly by making them look a little older (Bearded Noodle?). Even more exciting will be seeing who else ends up on the album. Albarn has noted the project to be centered upon collaboration, so the more the merrier!

All in due time. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for some new Blur material. Keep supplying, I will keep demanding.


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I remember the first time I heard the Gorillaz. It was the year 2000 and I was babysitting my bros at my step-mom’s. She had MTV2 and on came this wacky animated video for a song called “Clint Eastwood” that was a mix between rap and sweet Britpop. Also, the lyrics don’t mention Clint Eastwood and I love when song titles have nothing to do with lyrics. I thought that album was the pinnacle of music, mixing so many different genres onto one disc!
Then they disappeared, and I developed a hatred for blur when they reunited, cementing in my mind that Albarn was done with the ‘rillaz. But then, my sophomore year of college, demoz started leaking and Jack, Thom, and I gobbled ’em up. Then the album dropped (and you bought it for me for my birthday) and it is one of my most listened to albums ever (probably in the top 5!). Once again, Albarn said he was done, but now they’re back!
The beat for “Broken” is so fuckin’ sexy. I sure hope the vocals/lyrics change though.
“Electric Shock” sounds nice, but there’s too much going on. It’s like 4 songs in 1.
“Stylo/Binge” seems like it will change the most.
I think Albarn made all these on his computer just to whet our appetites and judging from the differences between previous Gorillaz demos and the finished project, I think these will change a lot.
I can’t wait to see who guests on it. Santogold? M.I.A.? Lupe?
My dreams would be for The Streets to do a track!
Also, producer? I hope he sticks to one dude, and it’s not Danger Mouse (he already did one gorillaz album + TGTB&TQ, so switch it up, I say).
Well, see ya.

Comment by christianbeforechruch

character changes: a grown ‘n sexy noodle?

Comment by jackiecous

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