The Moon Is In The House Of Mouse by Christian BC
November 19, 2008, 12:35 pm
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That’s right, today marks the 80th birthday of the original spokesman (spokesmouse?) for alternative fuels. This may seem at odds with what we tend to write about, but what’s more pop culture than Mickey Mouse? Well, that and the Jo[nas] Bro[ther]s, but they have enough stories about them. On top of that, this is also a sounding board for whatever we think is cool, and I am obsessed with two things: American Flags and Mickey Mouse. I can’t explain either one of them other than because they are the absolute core of Americana. They kick the shit out of boring-ass baseball and nasty-ass apple pie. Fuck that shit. It’s not so much the character (though I do love the early character, the modern Mickey is annoying, not funny, and boring) but the icon. And when you boil it down, isn’t that all America really is?

The Guardian has a picture slideshow story to tell the tale (tail?) of the world’s most iconic icon. While nothing short of a fascinating yarn, it is a shame that the limeys are the one’s celebrating one of America’s greatest inventions instead of the Times or some other red, white, and blue rag, but then again, maybe it just means that our creations are so awesome even those crook-toothed, tea-jockeys can’t help but gush over them. Yeah, it’s probably that.

For the uninitiated (I know, that creature doesn’t exist):

Steamboat Willie, 1928

This is the first ever Mickey Mouse cartoon where the young tramp plays a mate on Pegleg Pete’s steamboat who discovers his super power is to turn animals into instruments. And stay tuned, he might even get some rodent booty.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol, 1983

If there had to be 3 American things I’m obsessed with, the third would be Christmas. I love all the different versions of A Christmas Carol but this is definitely my favorite. Jump to the ‘Tube for parts 2 and 3 if your lovin’ it.

and of course

Fantasia, 1940

No real explanation needed. We’ve all seen it. I recommend First Impression’s second killerPOP release for this viewing.

– Christian BC


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i like the old-timey mickey cartoons. he was a total dirtbag, watch the one where they’re flying planes.

Comment by jackiecous

I know. I love that shit. He used to be so much cooler. There was a Disney TV Funhouse cartoon on SNL the other day where Mickey said to these kids: “Remember all the laughs we had?” and the little girl says “You were supposed to be funny?!”

Comment by Christian BC

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