2008 Tween/Teen/20something Girl Buzzwords by Christian BC
November 10, 2008, 11:53 am
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Living in New York, I am constantly forced to be in close quarters with people I despise, but all of us have been in plenty of situations where so loud or obnoxious that we can hear more of their conversations than we’d like. When you’re in the presence of a certain type of girl (basically, what I described above), you start to notice recurring phrases.

Note: To best identify a dumb girl buzzword, mark words that are repeated more than seems necessary and words that are emphasized so strongly that the speaker almost comes to a dead stop in their sentence when they utter it.


For the past few years, there have been 3 dominant words in the vocabulary of these Gossip Girls: definitely (don’t ask them to spell it correctly), ridiculous (same), and random. While random is forever stuck in the neo-Valley repertoire of the fairer sex, these words have been on a decline.

But never fear, the vapid youth of 2008 have found new words to latch onto. The 3 that keep invading my ears are: decent, legit, and literally. They share in common with their fallen brethren more than bastardization and misuse.

Decent, like ridiculous, is at the bottom of misuse offenders. Annoying as it is, this word is used relatively appropriately. It is used as a replacement for OK, but like it’s counterpart, it is thrown around so much it loses effect. I must say that there is a softer and less bludgeoning emphasis on this word than on ridiculous which was aggravating not for misuse, but for overuse and overemphasis.

The next offender is legit. As with definitely, legit word usually borders on proper use but often falls short. It is rarely used for it’s actually meaning and instead used broadly as a term for something that is good, pleasant, or agreeable, or lack of those traits when something is “not legit.” Now, this word avoids being at the top because of the fact that it had a previous life as a slang word where it had much of the same meaning. This fact grants it a bit of amnesty, though it’s spilling out of decidedly uncool mouths. Again, it is beaten to death a great deal less than definitely was, but it’s young, give it time.

Finally, there is literally, as in “I literally got a million text messages last night.” This word has a long history of misuse and has come nowhere near the iconic status as random in the Dictionary of Dumb for young girls (and to be fair, guys), but it is once again rearing it’s ugly head. To avoid the cumbersome activity of clicking a link, I will provide the definition of literally : in a literal sense or manner; literal : adhering to fact or to the ordinary construction or primary meaning of a term or expression. Ooh, and here’s the kicker: literal: 2. free from exaggeration or embellishment. Damn, that stings. I know David Cross has already done a far better job of poking fun at people who misuse this word, but this is a whole new class of people abusing their right to speak. Literally has become just another qualifier or amplifier. I literally can’t remember the last time I heard the word literally used correctly.

A word to all you undereducated women and men of the world, go slap the search engine on your Firefox. Or get a dictionary add-on, or a dictionary widget for your Mac, or a dictionary app for your iPhone, or go to any of the hundreds of dictionary sights online, or buy an actual dictionary, or ask someone smarter than you what a word means. A good rule of thumb: if you hear a word used on Cashmere Mafia (is that show still on?) and don’t know what it means, neither do they. Look it up retard.

Note: This isn’t meant to berate females, just a specific breed of them. And I know men use these words, but with the exception of random and literally, these words are mainly uttered by vapid young women. It’s driven me crazy for years and yesterday was the last straw. I’ll post something dumb young guys do soon so back off.

– Christian BC


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Because of my chronic acne and club foot, I rarely come in contact with the fairer sex, but I’ll wager a guess and suggest that perhaps some of them are using the word “literally” ironically, as I do on occasion.

Comment by personadondada

That’s an interesting theory. But I think you’ll find that these fine folks fail to grasp the meaning of that word, as does 90% of those who have ever uttered it (we’re of course in the 10%).

Using a word you don’t know the meaning of? Now that’s ironic.

Comment by Christian BC

A girl just said “This may sound arrogant, but how do you use this?” It’s an epidemic.

Comment by Christian BC

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