So… Who Won the Election? by jackiecous

Looks like Christian BC already made a political wrap-up post, so I’ll make mine brief:

As of writing this, the results still haven’t been finalized, so I really don’t know who’s going to win.  Therefore, in the tradition of newspapers that prepare two versions of the front page depending on who wins, I’m going to post two YouTube videos, one for each of the possible outcomes.

Obama Wins: ELO – All Over The World

The results aren’t all tallied up yet, but barring some sort of miracle (if you could call it that), McCain’s chances don’t look so hot.  For that reason, I’m putting my “Obama Won!” video first.  I think this song pretty much sums it up: “There’s gonna be a party all over the world.”

McCain Wins: Troll 2 – Oh My God!

I don’t want to count my chickens before they’re turned into Chik-Fil-A chicken burritos, so I’ll post this one just incase McCain pulls it off out somehow.  This is a clip from what is considered by some to be the worst movie of all time.  Funny how the worst movies of all time can contain some of the best individual scenes of all time.

-Jackie Cous


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Dude, re: ELO “All Over the World”: Good choice. But, in keeping, the McCain song should be “Rain Is Falling”.

Comment by personadondada

An old white guy cuttin’ a rug to dance music? Spike Jonze, you got some splainin’ to do.

Also, greatest video ever. And first ELO song I’ve ever liked. Sorry Joel.

Comment by Christian BC

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