Before The Sun Sets by Christian BC

Well, in case you weren’t aware, today is election day. And not just any election day. This is THE fuckin’ election. We’re makin’ history no matter what. And I couldn’t let it slide by without throwin’ my two cents (which are everywhere on the net but here), but since this is a culture blog, let’s slap some stank on it.

First up, music:

Obama has a cadre of musicians backing his bid for the Oral Office, but none more prominent than Bruce Springsteen. McCain has the support of Joe Perry. Hm, now I’m no Springsteen fan, but if I was marooned on a mystical island after my LA bound Oceanic flight crashed leaving myself and 40 something other passengers mysteriously alive, I’d much rather waste my remaining iPod battery on The Boss than Aerosmith.

Then there’s these top 10s crawling around the innernets:

Steroegum and Prolific have both made their “Top 10 Protest Songs of the 21st Century.” You’ll notice that almost all of them are against Bush, the Iraq War, or both. McCain ’08!

In tech news:

Even the machines are racist these days, and not just Robby. Don’t worry about the ‘pubs stealing the election tonight, the machines are gettin’ busy on voters already.


If all that doesn’t get your blood boiling enough to vote, then what about freezing your brain for a vote? Once again, Ben & Jerry are giving away free ice cream to all those who voted.
I can’t wait to see what’s in Obama-Rama. Better trademark that shit.

So, where do I Vote? Go here!

So, who should I vote for? Go here!

But seriously:

Look, all joking aside, this election is more than historic just because of race, gender, and age. We will be going to sleep tonight, and when we wake up tomorrow morning, we will be living in a different country. I first heard Obama speak 3 or 4 years ago when a news program my grandparents were watching was contrasting his remarks on a subject I’ve forgotten with those of Alan Keyes. I was blown away that the man I heard speak was an American politician. He was intelligent, through, articulate, everything you’d want in a leader. Since then, I have followed the ups and downs of his on again, off again potential run for the White House. Back then it was 2012, but not too long ago it became 2008. It was too good to be true, but as the months went on, he really stood a chance. Finally, he received the nomination and his rise to the top contender began. I still cannot believe how close he is to being the President elect. The excite and hope he has brought to the American people I daresay is unheard of. There has been a groundswell of support and new voters coming out in droves. He has truly crossed party lines and united this country. He brings the promise of a new America. One that is once again on top of the world and that can pull it’s citizens together to fix our problems and lead by example.

What is so frightening about this election is not only us losing all of that, all those possibilities and that euphoria for our government and our country, but it means that John McCain will be President. Despite his Maverick claims, John McCain is hardly a contrast to Bush. They share many of the same policies, positions, and friends. I’m sure a McCain presidency would differ from a Bush one, but only slightly. So many of the harmful practices the Bush administration have employed would be carried on through the McCain administration. Not just his voting record proves this, but the fact that over the past few months, he has been molded into the very type of Republican that hardcore conservatives feared he wasn’t when this election began. He’s become who they love and who we despise. More than that, is the disgusting decision he made when he appointed the horrendously unqualified and tremendously unintelligent Sarah Palin as his number 2. I’ll be goddamned if that women will ever enter federal government. Mark my words, if McCain is elected, there will be riots. Riots of a kind we have never seen in our lifetimes. The American people will not sit idly by any longer.

And that is what we face. To wake up tomorrow morning to violence and despair, or to awaken to a new age of prosperity, growth, and progress. To understanding and enlightenment. To a government we control, not fear. I beg you, when you vote today, make the right choice. Not just for yourself, but for all of us.

This our country. This is our planet. This is our future.



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