Shopping Cart: Disco Edition by jackiecous
October 29, 2008, 4:43 pm
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This is a segment I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and it’s all the more necessary now that the “economy” is in the “tank.” Essentially, I want to highlight cool bargains that I find in‘s mp3 store, allowing you to get excellent music for less money. Of course, this assumes that you’re paying any money for music. It would be much cheaper to download these files for free via ye olde torrents, but let’s pretend you’ve got some cash lying around.

Why Amazon’s online store? Number 1 (and this is the big one): NO DRM. With iTunes you’re stuck with a file that only plays on a total of 5 machines and only works with iTunes and iPods. Sure, you can unlock them with free software, but that’s just one extra step that’s completely worth skipping. Number 2: If you look around Amazon’s store long enough, you’ll actually find some good deals. Albums for $6, double albums for $10. If you’re going to pay real money for mp3s, you’d better be getting a good deal.

Today’s post is a little more of a stretch than future posts will be, as you’re actually paying roughly a buck per song in this case. However, the songs are mostly between 6 & 8 minutes long, and their quality is top notch. I’m talking about 3 albums here, the entire discography of Italo-Disco innovators (and, arguably, originators) Kano (not to be confused with the also good grime MC of the same name).

Each album, Kano (1980), New York Cake (1981) and Another Life (1983) are currently available for the price of $5.94. And each album is positively brimming with bubbly, squelchy synths, spaced-out vocoder and danceable beats. In fact, if you didn’t know these albums came out in the early 80s, you could almost mistake some of the tunes for blog-house jams that came out this year. Hell, even the album art for Kano and New York Cake could pass for 2008.

Fun Facts: Tag Team’s “Whoomp! There It Is” samples Kano’s “I’m Ready.” The song was also a big hit with breakdancers at the time of its release. French electro dude Kavinski’s “Grand Canyon” samples Kano’s “Ikeya Seki.”

-Jackie Cous


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