First Impressions @ Tatame Nov. 1st by jackiecous

First Impressions will be dj-ing  at Tatame in Winter Park, FL on November 1st.  Yes, this is the night after Halloween, and we fully expect you to be outrageously hung-over.  So, in an effort to ensure that you’re still able to come out and see KillerPOP’s resident DJ in action, here are some of our recommended day-after-Halloween hangover cures!

Vitamin Water: “Revive”: Alcohol dehydrates you, so you should naturally drink lots of water. But why drink regular water when you could drink water that’s purple and tastes like candy? Oh, and it also contains B vitamins, which are supposed to help you not feel so damn sluggish.

Bloody Marys: I’ve heard it said that the best cure for a hangover is more alcohol.  Well if you’re going to keep drinking, make sure it’s the right drink.  Bloody marys are the pinnacle of alcoholic beverages because they are a essentially an entire meal in a glass. Tomato juice, hot sauce, lemon wedges, celery sticks, pepper, giant green olives… Hell, one time I even found a shrimp in there!  So you’re not just poisoning yourself, you’re getting essential calories and nutrients for the day.  If you’re in the Orlando area, Dexter’s has the best bloody mary in town.

Pickles & Fish: Found this one on the internet. Apparently some people swear by eating foods high in minerals, including pickles and fish. In Poland people actually drink pickle juice to cure hangovers. If you want to cover your pickles & fish bases in one fell swoop, try pickled herring. It is the food of the gods.

Candy: Not gonna lie, here: I just made this one up. But it’s the day after Halloween, so you probably tripped some little girl in a Hannah Montana costume last night and stole her pillowcase full of candy, so why not put it to good use? Maybe the placebo effect (or sugar rush) will kick in and leave you feeling good enough to head out to Tatame after all.

-Jackie Cous


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