10 Minute Mixes: Knifin’ Around by jackiecous
October 18, 2008, 6:21 pm
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New mix, first one since August. I was putting it off cos I couldn’t come up with a perfect theme and then a perfect set of songs to match that theme, so I just made a mix of a bunch of random songs I like instead.

Better catch this one soon, btw. It’s under copyright dispute with You Tube because their new audio listenin’ software detected the Crystal Castles song “Untrust Us.” I filed a dispute under fair use since the mix doesn’t actually contain the full version of any one song, and is in fact a live, musical performance and distinct creative entity unto itself. That doesn’t guarantee that they’ll see it my way, though, so this video may self destruct at any given moment. If that happens, I may have to rethink my 10 minute mixes strategy!

Et tu Crystal Castles? Seriously, of all the samples to get blocked for, I never would’ve expected that one.

-Jackie Cous


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I love the Space Ghost reference.

Comment by Christian BC

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