Punk Sundays: Punk Saturdays: knUpdates by Christian BC

So, for the next few weeks, I’m working on Saturday instead of Sunday. Since being bored on Sunday at work inspired me to start my weekly punk post then, my working Saturday instead has prompted me to switch it for the time being. Here are the knUpdates (clever, huh?) in the world of all things punk, whether you like them or not [rebellious].

First up, Rotten Butter:

At some other time in history, this might upset (sorry, knUpset) people, and hell, even in 2008 when the Sex Pistols are nothing but a graphic for tshirts at Wal-Mart, it might still upset people. But John[ny] “rotten” Lydon sold out years ago and frankly making a butter commercial is the best thing he’s done since PiL.

Next, Jesus returns.

This week marks the release of The Power Of Negative Thinking, a hefty collection of B-sides and rarities from the jangly, alt-punk Scots. While I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone unacquainted with the best thing exported from Scotland since Orange Juice, it’s a must have for anyone ever titillated by the lowfi hum of these Tim Burton hairdressers. Download it today for free on your favorite torrent site.

Vintage Vid:


And finally, UB40 releases Greatest Hits.


See ya Saturday.

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