Free Love from Kanye by jackiecous
September 11, 2008, 4:36 am
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kanye free love

Heard a rumor this weekend that Kanye West would be dropping a brand new single during the VMAs, a single which would already be available on iTunes by the next morning.  Well, after suffering through two hours or so of MTV digging its own grave, the rumor turned out to be half-true.  Kanye closed the otherwise abysmal show with the debut of his new all-singing-no-rapping song: “Love Lockdown.”  The other part never panned out, as I’ve been searching for signs of an actual studio mp3 of the song since Sunday night.  During tonight’s Google search, however, an LA Times article pointed me to a zshare link to an mp3 of the song, so have at it, lil babies!

And yes, Kanye’s forthcoming album, “808s & Heartbreak,” is set to be an all-singing affair; no rap.  A bit of a curveball, coming from someone who is certifiably tone-deaf.  However, thanks to the magic of Autotune, anyone can be pitch-perfect (and I say that with love).  So what say you?  Crazy?  Career Suicide? Brilliant?  The space-aged future of hip hop and R&B?  I was leaning toward the latter during Kanye’s live performance, but the studio vocals sound a little sloppier, bafflingly, leaving me somewhere in the middle.  Regardless, I’m completely intrigued.  Ultimately, I think we can all agree that Kanye’s strongest suit is that he never stays in one place for too long.

-Jackie Cous

UPDATE 9/19/08:  Link’s down, just go to Kanye’s blog at Kanye UniverseCity to check out streaming flash versions of the song. Yeezy actually re-recorded it and posted a new version on 9/16 that addressed the weak vocal issue, and it’s sounding pretty solid now.


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This zShare link is down and i’m too lazy to find another one. Repost please! I’m interested in Kanye’s non-rapping album. His strength lies in producing and marketing so I don’t see why he couldn’t pull off a successful non-rap album. The real question is what kind of new hipster glasses he’s going to pull out for this one.

Comment by joel

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