Bow Wow Reneges On Mature Persona by Christian BC
August 9, 2008, 12:03 am
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To some of us, it seems only yesterday that Bow Wow was the cute, young singing sensation nephew of Snoop Dogg known as Lil Bow Wow. But as he grew, he chose to shed his childish image and adopt a more mature (pronounced ‘ma-toour’) moniker. Like his uncle before him, he hacked off 1/3 of his stage name and was reborn as Bow Wow. Since then, this man about town has screamed of adulthood, but his latest single has thrown his wizened status into question.

Pairing himself with golden child Soulja Boy, Bow Wow decided to build his latest jam around the aquatic pastime of Marco Polo. Haven’t heard this tasty treat. Well, take a gander at yonder youtube clip:

Oh how the mighty fall. Slain on the treacherous fields they plowed with their very hands. What hope is there for the more wicked of us?

But seriously, this is a great song. If nothing else, it proves that anyone can be a commercial rapper. Except K-Fed.

– Christian BC


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