Timbaland Continues Rampage, Eats Jay-Z by jackiecous

According to a brief snippet on, Timbaland seems to think he is producing Jay-Z’s next album.  After his admittedly stellar work on Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds, Timbaland has embarked on a relentless assault on the contemporary musical landscape, gobbling up artists like The Hives, Ashlee Simpson, MIA,  and Flo-Rida, and spitting out decreasingly inspired spacey-bounce tracks in his wake.

Just when it looked like the lumbering giant might return to hybernation beneath the Atlantic Ocean, he scored a recent hit with Madonna and J-Tim’s “4 Minutes” (named for how long it took the team to create it).  This seems to have gotten him all fired up again, and he has now locked his sights on Jay-Z.   It’s not that I don’t love “Big Pimpin’,” and it’s not that Timbo doesn’t have some great work under his belt, but his recent track record (every song on “Shock Value” that wasn’t a single) has me more than a little worried.  “Better believe me,” says Timbaland in the MTV clip, “it’ll be a monster.”  That much seems likely.


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